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We know you want immediate and tangible outcomes from your search marketing efforts. Hence, we have designed our pay-per-click advertising program to bridge the gap between your ‘speculation’ and our ‘prediction’ so that you can hit the bull’s eye effortlessly by targeting the right people at both right time and right expenses.

Being the top PPC company in India, we combine goal-oriented approach, proven methodology, and killer strategy to help you drive more traffic to your website and hit the profitability target.

  • Complete management of campaigns
  • Immediate results with substantial ROI
  • Pay only for what you get

If you are looking for an affordable PPC company in Mumbai, we are here to empower you with our well-focused paid search marketing services. Our fully customized PPC advertising solutions are exactly what you need for establishing a strong online presence and give your website conversion a boost in a hassle-free manner.

Our Process

We are committed to offering you custom and scalable PPC services through an end-to-end approach.

Audit & Strategy

We believe that the success of an effective PPC marketing program lies in a thorough audit and a robust strategy. Hence, we start with a detailed analysis of your business objectives, which is then followed by apt identification of your target market and a realistic evaluation of your competitive landscape. These help us define your distinct goals, recognize potential threats and opportunities, and create benchmarks for your campaigns.

We also conduct meticulous keyword research in order to target keywords with the highest conversion rates and develop responsive strategies to make your every penny count.

seo process

Advert & Landing Page

In the second phase, we create compelling, empowering, and highly focused adverts that can catch the attention of your target audience right way and give your campaign the necessary push. While brainstorming ad copies, we also design well-structured and well-optimized landing pages aligned with your campaign goals in order to make your message clear, concise, and consistent to your target audience.

Our concrete strategy syncs your adverts with your landing pages perfectly, thereby ensuring inside-out optimization of your campaigns and a strong ROI.

design process

Account Setup

As your campaign is built from the ground up, we shift our focus to setting up your account. Our tailor-made services help you get the best possible solutions for launching a well-categorized PPC account. We take all crucial factors into consideration including your objectives, target market, and advertising budget, and chalk out the right plan for setting up, tracking, and fine-tuning your PPC account..

We leave no stone unturned to give you a smooth account setup experience so that you can make the most of your campaign without any hassle.

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Campaign Management

From structuring a kick-ass campaign to expanding it seamlessly, we take care of each and every aspect of your campaign management task in a highly organized way. Apart from selecting a bunch of impactful keywords, we pay attention to bid optimization, rigorous testing, effective implementation, and continuous performance tracking so as to increase the efficiency of your campaign.

Our efforts not only streamline the process but also scale your success and help you make the most of your spending with us.

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Reporting & Analysis

The last phase of the process is all about providing you meaningful insights into the performance of your campaign through our full and exhaustive monthly reports. Our elaborate reports with detailed analysis will make your PPC journey completely transparent to you while allowing you to recognize your success and failure promptly.

We also provide actionable advice so that you can perk up your campaign performance and achieve optimal business growth.

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